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Red shouldered hawk

Welcome to Searching for Birds. Join me on my journey to see and learn as much as possible about the seemingly endless wonder of birds. I hope to promote our avian friends in a way that is approachable for everyone. We'll explore conservation, birding, ornithology, and everything in between.


Looking to get involved and make a positive impact on birds? Check out these organizations.

  • eBird

    Participate in a massive citizen-science project to track bird throughout the world.

  • Audubon

    Explore and conserve birds in the United States with hundreds of local chapters.

  • American Birding Association

    The ABA is focused on expanding the hobby of birding with a range of publications including Birding Magazine, an excellent podcast, and an extensive checklist for the area.

  • American Bird Conservancy

    Working throughout the Americas the ABC works in many ways to preserve the places birds call home.

  • The Peregrine Fund

    The Peregrine Fund works to protect all types of birds of prey worldwide. This organization has been pivotal in saving Peregrine Falcons, California Condors and many others.